“Selling Food No Longer a Crime”

-So declare saintly bureaucrats of Austin.
Well, some food, in some places.

The Texas Cottage Law, in effect as of September of 2013 has opened things up a bit for law abiding bakers of Texas. The law prohibits a city from outlawing cottage food operations on the basis of zoning, and permits the sale of cottage goods outside the home at fairs, festivals, farmers’ markets, farm stands, and various other culturally appropriate place for such activity.

“The law expands the list of allowable food to include candy, coated and uncoated nuts, unroasted nut butters, fruit butters, dehydrated fruits and vegetables, popcorn, cereal, granola, dry mix, vinegar, pickles, mustard, and roasted coffee or dry tea.” – http://www.texascottagefoodlaw.com.

On behalf of all the cooks at my local farmers’ market I sincerely thank Texas resident and home baker, Kelley Masters, for her four years worth of effort in getting her representative to get this law through Texas legislature. After the bill’s first failure in 2009, Masters rallied support through social media outlets and grassroots campaigns to give the bill the voice it needed.

As of January 1st of 2014, all who sell these cottage goods are legally required to have a food handler’s permit and are subject to inspection or penalty by the local health department.

The red tape and kevlar separating choice and consequence just got a whole lot thinner at the farmers’ market. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to show off your skills.

To learn how this bill affects you please visit

And to read the actual bill visit

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