Subsidies for Diabetes and Obesity on the Chopping Block


Did you know that Coca-Cola is a necessary strand of the social safety net? Without access to Coca-Cola, how is anyone expected to pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

A bill was introduced, but not yet passed in last year’s legislative session in Texas. Texas House Bill 751 would prohibit the purchase of tater chips, candy, and sweetened beverages with the federally funded Supplemental Nutritional Aid Program, otherwise known as food stamps.

As I understand it, the bill would introduce a waiver of federal SNAP funds for the products defined in the bill. This is not the first motion by a state to request that the old union stop paying for their citizen’s junk food.

Opponents of the bill, such as those in the junk food industry and common citizens who want free candy and coke for their family, claim that “passing the bill would be all hard and complicated and stuff,” “you can’t prove anything,” and “it would be really scary for everybody.” Proponents of the bill, such as health nuts and budding anarchists with an insatiable appetite for reason, claim “why don’t you just use federal funds for cigarettes for down and out smokers, and you can pay for it from revenue gained from kidnapping potheads? Fuck, why is our government such a bunch of pussies when it comes to doing things that make sense?” and various other hyperbolic non-sequiturs.

The next meeting of bureaucrats who determine non-market flows of wealth rolls around about one year from now.

If you want to keep your free candy allowance, or if you fear that your company’s financial interests would feel withdrawals from those extra sweet tax dollars, then it is due time to write your representative and tell him not to pass such stupid legislation and that they are poopyheads and you will hate them if they pass it.

And likewise for all of you LSD licking radicals, if you want to make your fantastic rants about “tax dollars paying big business for both the causes and the effects of disease, from foreign policy to healthcare” be heard; then type your concerns on a nice, clean note or digital text field, and send the letter to your representative.

Make sure to write your local rep.
Here is the bureaucrat who introduced the bill:

View the bill text here:

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