Herb Trout on Quinoa



I have had the pleasure of staying with fellow Texas Food Revolutionary, Sharon Castillo, the past week. I have known Sharon for years, she is a powerful soul, a hungry mind, and a very dedicated and patient mother of two. In addition to being my fellow philosopher and autonomous comrade, she also believes fresh organic ingredients and an adventurous spirit are the only requisites to be a great chef.

“Whatcha in the mood for?” She asks her husband. “Let’s cook up that rainbow trout.”

And like many improvisations of Texas Food Revolutionaries, her creation was worth repeating with your own style in your own home. I moaned and fawned over her dish, rich in herbal flavors, healthy fats, and subtle spice tones. She dodged my praise, feeling that the cooking process is so natural she could hardly take credit.

-Rainbow Trout Filets
-Fresh Sage
-Fresh Tarragon
-Grass Fed Butter
-Pink Salt
-Garlic Powder

Get the Quinoa started, as usual, 2 parts water to 1 part Quinoa. Add some butter and a little salt. Towards the end of the Quinoa’s cooking add Turmeric, cumin, and ginger powder(or fresh grated) to taste. This should take about 20 minutes.

On a skillet, melt a big tbsp of butter at a low medium heat and sautee the tarragon and sage leaves. Place the trout on top with skin still on. Season the trout with salt and garlic powder on top and then flip when half cooked. When the filets are fully cooked, place them aside and make sure not to waste any of the sauteed herbs in butter.

Place fish, herbs, sliced avocado on top of quinoa and enjoy the omega rich feast. This meal gave me energy and clarity for days and really made me feel warm in the new home.

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