Green Papaya Lantern

 Part Batman, part Cantinflas, part Hunger Games, the script for Green Papaya Lantern is rumored to be in the hands of Alfonso Cuarón, director of Y Tu Mama Tambien.  Cuaróns’ agent has suggested that the four-time director and cult film icon isn’t sure what to make of the script yet, because he hadn’t been able to stop thinking about the storyline. Six weeks after having read the script for Green Papaya Lantern, Cuarón is rumored to have become obsessed with the storyline of the screenplay.

“A Taquache … which by the way is the  South Texas dialect for Tlalquache, or opossum … becomes the size of a man on each and every nightfall …” Cuarón sputtered quizically to his agent after Cuarón downed his eighth Cuva Libre  within earshot of our source at a casino nightclub in Beliz, where Cuarón placed 37th in January 2014 World Poker Tour event.

“This Hombre de Quache …so to speak,” Cuarón continued  “… searches for unjust children in a steaming hot, yet icy, city of unjustness. And when he finds these children, he tells them stories of courage and despair while the marsupial serves the children green papaya. This makes no sense,” Cuarón continued as he emptied his drink, “yet I can not stop thinking about this story,” Cuaron mumbled frustratedly as he turned away from the dance floor of the fashionable Nighty Room and began ordering Shiner Bock beers on tap the rest of the night from his black granite bar-stool,  failing to acknowledge anyone around him until the bar closed and he needed help to call a cab.

The screenplay is a project of the Texas Food Revolution, a group of renegade chefs who promote the use of food grown, produced or raised within 100-miles or closer of where a person is at.

The screenplay ends when the mayor of Brownsville, Texas declares a day to celebrate the Taquache, with the community promising not to kill North America’s only marsupial for one day within city limits. One year later,  Taquaches for Life is born, a not-for-profit organization that rescues babies from the pouches of their trapped mothers. After the mayor christened the day — to soon be known as Green Papaya Lantern Day — Taquaches quickly experienced a Darwinian mutation that allowed them to remain human-sized throughout the entire day of celebration, and their furs began to take on a glossy black, green and yellow hue, much like the color of The Green Lantern comic book hero’s outfit. Green papaya is at its peak season on the day of celebration, so the day’s title of Green Papaya Lantern Day is apt beyond the obvious reference to the title of the proposed film.

The Texas Food Revolution did not return repeated phone calls and emails seeking comment on the screenplay.

Green Papaya
Green Papaya
"El Tlacuache". Publicado por Juan Palomino
“El Tlacuache”. Publicado por Juan Palomino
The cover jacket of Alfonso Cuarón's _Mamá_También‎ Wikipedia Y Tu Mamá También ( And Your Mother Too)  2001.
The cover jacket of Alfonso Cuarón’s _Mamá_También‎
Y Tu Mamá También ( And Your Mother Too) 2001.



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