You’ve reached the Texas Food Revolution a loose band of volunteer chefs, home cooks. and community activists who promote local food.


We use Pancho Villa on our logo not just for the reference to a revolution, but because Villa and other Mexican revolutionaries were battling for the right of the people to own land to farm on. Some of the battle was fought on the same soil where the Texas Food Revolution was born, right here in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas.


Our Mission

Our food should not do harm to our environment or our bodies. The mission of supporting local farms, organic practices, and awakening your chef within is a virtuous path and a fun one at that. Expect to be entertained, enlightened, and empowered as a Texas Food Revolutionary. We’re all about the love here at TFR and we are not afraid to try new things, speak our mind, and break free from the chemical veneer of the modern food industry that has spread over our beloved land.

We expect to achieve this by transforming our own lives and connecting with our land and our community. Here at TexasFoodRevolution.com you can expect to learn:

-Great Recipes

-Where to find local food in your area

-Latest News on food policy, technology, and practices

-Commentary on food and society

-How to become more attractive to potential mates

-How to improve your credit score by gardening

-How to discern truth from bullshit

-and much more…


Texas Food Revolution, your industrial chemical-free source of the delicious truth. Be a revolutionary, or die not trying.

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